(Includes pilferage from Allen Ginsberg and k. Iskender)

Let's divorce Turkey, before our relation becomes fucked up
Let my poems stay with me and the custody of my broken fads with you
As you left me in so much hunger and homelessnes, stick your “tiny ships”¹ up your ass
You have never made us play “box”² games full of wads of money
We, as you know, whom you blew up with a rocket at 14 years old in Lice³
Whom you raked with 13 bullets at 12 years old, who are fighting for bread
by hitting the pavements at the the crack of dawn, the kids whom are shot
while going to buy bread⁵, the ones swelling up the fucked punches of your chunky ones
I mean, as you don't give a fuck about us, your order sir,
we kick the bucket again in mines, building sites, factories
Fuck it, what kind of a value we already have in front of profit margin,
Damn we,
who make love without insurance and live the happiness unrecorded
the ones producing you new slaves by wrinkling their overshot youth to the future
the ones whom the pimps with necktie don't deign to recognize,
the women looking after their children by collecting cardboard from dumps,
the sales girls attaching gloom to their dowries by instalments,
the kids you accumulate to the suicide and arabesque music
by beating and swearing a blue streak,
the ones trying to delay the hunger of their huge families
by a poky pitch on their neck,
“We, the stepchildren of Allah, the ones never backed up...”
“We, the ones with ripped out buttons, the ones without beach chairs, the ones without wine”*

I am openning your box Turkey, you don't have any more chance,
Here is the bullshit, good appetite to you,
Bury me inside a poem knitted with grief,
Cross my heart,
Otherwise I will divorce you!


¹”My son has a tiny ship (In Turkish: gemicik) not a ship” Tayyip Erdogan
² The ministers of Erdogan have been taped with shoe boxes full of bribery money taken from Reza Zarrab, but they are still free in Turkey, Reza is in prison in USA now.
³ A Kurdish girl named Ceylan Onkol herding sheep at 14 years old had been blown up with rocket by Turkish soldiers without any reason, and this horrible event had been explained as an “accident”. Nobody is punished because of this murder.
A Kurdish boy named Ugur Kaymaz at 12 years old staying at home with his family had been without any gun raked with 13 bullets by Turkish police as considering a “terrorist”. Nobody is punished because of this murder.
A Turkish boy at 15 yearss old had been shot from head by Turkish police as being considered a “terrorist” while going to buy bread for his family during the “June Protests” against the dictatorianship of Tayyip Erdogan.

* Verses of Kurdish poet Yilmaz Odabasi writing in Turkish from his poem named “The Stepchildren of Allah”.