(Including pilferage from Turkish poet Ceyhun Atif Kansu)

“Bring me the negros, all negros of the world
Let only them carry my coffin”
Last words of street child Selami...

I mean all negros of the world
Bring here all negros
Not only the black skinned ones
Bring me all belittled people
I mean all ignored ones
“the stepchildren of Allah”¹
on whose face the Pain is
flapping like a flag,
I will swear last time to capitalism and you
then I will fuck off from this damn planet

I mean all negros of the world
Bring here the street negros
who are written on the notebook of the life
like a spelling error
who are outright fired from
the abdomen of their moms
The ones manured by beating
watered by swearing
I mean the thistles
in the duskiest garden of Arabesque
whose history we memorialize
with scattered syllables
Bring me the ones saying “Love me with my fault”²
Bring the ones saying “Love fucked my mom, baby”³

I mean all negros of the world
Bring here the construction negros
with their dreams reclined on foreing land
the ones knitting the Reunion letter by letter
the ones ignored by pimps with necktie
Bring me the negros cleaning ladder
hero elder sisters with their palms
barricade for hunger
eagle wing on their kids

I mean all negros of the world
The massacred, assimilated, exiled negros
Bring me all pain birds massacred in Kurdistan
All bloody letters exiled from Dersim in 1938
Also the ones you carried out genocide in 1915
Bring me the mountains shushing the Past
in Armenian, Assyrian and Greek

I mean all negros of the world
I am a son of a bitch
I scratched my pains on the logbook of the sky
but nobody gives a fuck
although I scream with pain
how many ramshackle walls
are feeling chilly inside me
how many times the stumpy atlas of my name
have been damaged

I mean all negros of the world
This shit which I stuff in my vessel
to delay the Pain
has reached to overdose this time
but I live in the curse of all negros whether you can't see
one day all negros bring all ownership
and oppression masters to account
I have been heavy tonnage starved,
I was a bastard in this streets
all nettle nights and stray dogs know this very well
even my own mom mercify me,
only sparrows search the place of my grave
I was born once but have been died countless times
every day in your cruel planet
Fuck your capitalism, your ownership greed
I am fucking off now by making my pain a mirror
to your dark consicience
Enough! Now put lousy newsprint papers on me
Anyhow the municipality buries my waif corpse
Bring here all negros

June 2015

“The stepchildren of Allah”¹: Yilmaz Odabasi (Kurdish poet)
“Love me with my fault”²: Orhan Gencebay (Turkish singer)
“Love fucked my mom, baby”³: Serkan Engin (Laz-Turk poet)