I Wait You Again To Kill Me

I Wait You Again To Kill Me

You are my biggest poverty
my highest desolateness.
You are my most being chilled to the bone
of which desert night letters knit.
You are wrenching the wobbling history of my dreams
from the place which my mom had beaten,
you are blowing the black hole of desolateness
from my all eternity to my foreverness
from the place where my mom had fired me
from her abdomen

Shoot a swaggering verse smack-bang in the middle of my heart, so that
I can be increased from gloom, let my image be erased
from the perpetual atlas of pain.
Say me, which crime's punishment am I,
which execution's conclusion?..

Come on, forget me to today and remember to infinity
the underground tales of my insect childhood,
my youth with sorrow uniform syllabicated to grief,
my proudly graduation from being stray dog of loneliness.

This is not enough, I wait you again to kill me.

Serkan Engin

December 2015