Ladyboy Veysel

Ladyboy Veysel

Veysel is goddamned(!)
gangrene of his father's seed
he is much lambkin of his mother
his dreams have gone on the streets
in the dirty claw of the night

Veysel is a deserted monologue
whom memories himself
at the opposed shore of the life
there are horseshoe marks of jades
at the back of his hope

Veysel is goddamned(!)
waste of the neighborhood
at the shame digit of the street
rectangular pains permeated 
into his marrows
his hands are in 
the pocket of grief

Veysel is a deaf boat
at the bottom of violence sea
he is a bullet shot himself
spelling suicide

: Veysel is a mispell in the prologue of his life

Serkan Engin
Belleville Park Pages Issue 8, 2013