There is no God except Me

There is no God except Me

Kiss me or shoot
from my impish verses
opening from yesterday to the far future.
Shoot my hopes escaping from my words.
I am the revenge of all despised ones in whole continents.
I am an exclamation mark in front of the paradigm.

-There is no God except Labour, my darling!

Be the mother of the sparrows
flapping in my sorrowful rib cage.
I have been destroyed
from my childhood to eternity
with the lava days of my broken history.

-There is no God except Love, my darling!

Breed me to yourself from the clouds
of the sky of your face.
I have been created from the pain letters
of all oppressed ones in the world.
Never mind the flying ballons escaping
from my short-lenght modest dreams.

-There is no God except Me, my darling!

Occupy my whole soul and skin
with the vandal armies of your hands
I am already drunk because of
the dancing daisies at your voice
Already reborn from your lips
to the spring pages of the near future

- There is no God except You, my darling!

Kiss me or shoot
from the wings of my mute memories
telling themselves into the darkness.
Shoot my fads reducing me
from the mountains of the struggle.

-There is no God except Ourselves, my darling!

Serkan Engin
February 2014

* This is my first poem originally written in English, it is not a translation from Turkish like the other ones.
**Special thanks to Gulten Akin, Mansur Al-Hallaj, Cemal Sureya, Karl Marx and Rumi.

Edit: Published in Literary Magazine, Issue 3, 2015