The Apology of Turkish Poet to The Victims of Armenian Genocide in World Media

The Apology of The Turkish Poet Serkan Engin to The Victims of Armenian Genocide in World Media

A socialist Laz poet from Turkey Serkan Engin whose mother is Turkish has published an article named “The Insufferable Shame of Being a Turk” in his web site called “Paper Boats of Poetry” including an apology to the victims of Armenian Genocide and said “A terrible genocide had to be committed against the Armenians. I accept the reality of the Armenian Genocide as the son of a Turkish mom and I am ashamed of my mother's ancestors, of my Turkish ancestry. This is the shame of the Turks and Kurds. This is the shame of Turkish History, also a shame for the Kurdish people. This is a blot on human history. I apologize to all the Armenian victims in the name of humanity and kneel down in front of your pain even though I had no participation in this violence personally.”

Serkan Engin has declared that his Turkish ancestors had perpetrated terrible genocides also to Assyrians, Chaldeans and Pontic Greeks at the end of the Ottoman Empire and at the beginning of the Turkish Republic.

This article had a broad repercussion in world media and appeared in many places. You can find the links of the news about Serkan Engin's apology from the victims of Armenian Genocide in world media.

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